Why is homemade better than delivery?

30 Apr 2019 no comments Sara Ghandour Categories Delivery

Here are our reasons homemade is better than delivery!

  1. Craving food at 3am? No Worries! Although the delivery men are all asleep, you can still satisfy your cravings in your very own kitchen! No fuss, no muss.
  2. Fancy your food with some weird extras? Your favourite restaurant doesn’t deliver with your go-to add ons? Customize your food the way YOU want it. Time to load up on that Truffle oil that the restaurants are so stingy with!
  3. Add ons cost a pretty penny. On top of the delivery charge, wanting some extra olives on your ‘Za or some extra sauce is going to cost you! Best make it at home and show those tight-fisted chain restaurants how it’s really done!
  4. It arrives piping hot from your oven, not freezing cold through your front door.
  5. You can remain healthy while still indulging. Being in control of cooking the food makes sure you are aware of exactly what goes into it. You have no idea how much salt or sugar is being used in your food in restaurants.
  6. You can eat it for breakfast, long before Pizza Hut has opened.
  7. You save a few, precious bucks.
  8. You don’t have to worry about tipping. ( Let’s be honest. This is a big concern.)
  9. There’s no chance your pizza will get stuck in severe weather conditions.  Cooking at home means your food will never be delayed due to rain or sandstorms!
  10. Cooking at home is safer than handing out your phone number and address to strangers and trusting them not to mess with your food.