Maple – Glazed Chicken with Mash Potato and Green Beans

Ready in: 35 Mins

Difficulty: Easy

Meal Plan: Honest Kitchen, Variety Box, Variety Box Family

This recipe was made for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth. You know, the eaters who usually need an extra nudge to eat their veggies. With cinnamon-spiced sweet potatoes and a maple syrup glaze, there will be no shortage of candy-like flavors on the plate, nor of nutrients like vitamin A. But because this is dinnertime, there are still savory elements to anchor it all, like white meat chicken and crisp, garlicky green beans.

Nutritional facts (est. per serving):

Calories: 640 kCal
Fats: 29g
Proteins: 41g
Carbs: 58g
Fiber: 9g