Money, Money, Money

30 Apr 2019 no comments Sara Ghandour Categories Category 5


Cold, hard, cash. We love to have it but it seems to fly out of our hands at a worrying speed.

Not sure where all your savings are going?

Yes, you do. It’s gone on all your office lunches out. It’s spent on midnight deliveries of pizza and far-too-expensive sandwiches delivered from overly priced bakery’s.

It’s time to manage your cash. Save it for something more rewarding, like a new pair of shoes.

Start saving and delete your delivery apps. You will create a nice nest egg by meal prepping and taking your meals to work.  Make it a daily activity! There is great joy in cooking, start saving today!

Meal plans are the way to go. Prep your food the night before, store it in Tupperware and take it to work.

You’ll notice some extra cash in your pocket by the end of the week!