Frequently Asked Questions

  • We change our recipes weekly. You can see the upcoming three weeks on our website,, the “On The Menu” section.

  • Depending on how many recipes you choose per meals, you will receive main course size meals, which can be eaten for lunch or dinner. You can even pre-cook the meals and take them to work with you the following day.

  • Not at all, our recipes are simple to follow even if you are learning to cook. The are no noobs here! ? We will explain each step for you so you can boost your skills and you’ll be cooking great recipes in no time, making your friends and family jealous of your culinary creativity.

  • Kitchen basics, no high-tech, mumbo-jumbo required. Here is what you need: A pot (with a lid), a pan, a heat-proof spatula and/or wooden spoon, a sharp knife, cutting board, bowl, baking tray, peeler, and aluminium foil.

  • We write up the complete nutritional guide to each meal on the recipe itself! You can check how many calories each meal is before ordering. No sneaky weight gain here!

  • All you need to have at home is sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil and butter. We will provide you with the rest.

  • It takes about 35 minutes to cook each meal. Some meals actually take fewer time to cook, they are “15-minute meals”! You can check the cooking time for each meal on the website. Our main goal is to get you to see how fun, healthy, and rewarding cooking can be!

  • We accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan diets. If you have any special requests, for instance, you don’t eat red meat, fish, shellfish, or lamb – you may personalize your menu each week based on your preferences. Just let us know!

  • The quality and freshness of our ingredients are incredibly important to us. We work directly with the best local and International suppliers, such as Barakat, to bring you the best ingredients the market has to offer. Only then will your meal be perfect, and that’s our ultimate goal.

  • We deliver 7 days a week, but you may choose what time slot we deliver in. So, it doesn’t get any better than this. We deliver to your home or office in Dubai, U.A.E.

  • Once you place your order on, the next delivery date and time will be shown. We aim to be as flexible as possible so that your box will arrive in 48 hours or less.

  • There is no delivery charge if the order is over 180 AED.

  • Yes, you can skip any delivery until the order is processed. You can manage your deliveries directly in your Cook A Box account.

  • Yes, because although our boxes are securely packed, we prefer to deliver to you in person, to ensure package integrity.

  • Cook a Box is a produce and recipe delivery service. Once you sign up, choose your recipes, and once they arrive, get cooking! Once delivered, follow the online recipe guide or the recipe printed in your box, and cook up a fantastic meal. Be sure to snap a photo and tag us, #cookabox!

  • First, create your account at Visit our weekly recipe page to check out our menu. Place your order and select your desired date & time for delivery. We then source the recipe items sent to you on your delivery day, premeasured and packaged. You can cook an easy delicious recipe in less than 45 minutes.

  • Save time (which you spend going shopping for ingredients), save money (we’re less expensive than traditional shopping); no hidden costs; learn how to cook using fresh, quality ingredients. We work directly with the best local and international suppliers to bring you the best ingredients the market has to offer.

  • You place your orders online, at Create a profile and start ordering!

  • We have a variety of packages and pricing. Please check out “Pricing”.

  • You will be charged when you place your order.

  • You pay online, in complete safety, by using all major international credit cards.

  • Each box has the ingredients and each box is sealed and pre-measured. Download the recipe from your "My Account" page.

  • Yes! Please wash all vegetables before cooking them. (no soap! Just water and sodium bicarbonate, if any)

  • We will pick up our reusable box with your next delivery and recycle it.

  • We do same day shopping for your vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and poultry. We recommend you cook seafood on the same day. Meat and poultry can be consumed within three days of delivery. Vegetables will generally remain fresh for the full week.

  • We currently offer boxes for 2 or 4 servings. Hosting a party? Have more people to serve? No problem, double or triple your order and we will do the same for your ingredients!

  • Our boxes are designed to give you everything you need to cook your meal. If there is excess leftover, feel free to make a side dish using it! In some cases, we will send a full onion instead of a half onion. Save this for later use or a side salad.

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