We are a not for profit corporation that provides peace of mind to families, our recipe and ingredient delivery service is designed to simplify your life, by offering you and your family the choice to leave a healthier lifestyle, without spending hours in the kitchen every day.

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When it comes to food, we understand how difficult it is to constantly think about what you want or need to cook, particularly if you have a family to think about as well. Or how difficult it is to “get in the mood to cook”, when you arrive late, after a hard day at the office. Which is why we offer amazing recipes which are can be healthy, nutritious for your entire family, fun to cook, and can bring your family together in more ways than one. Why order? Why takeaway? Why unhealthy choices, when you can have a high standard, fresh ingredients, which you can cook quickly and in a tasty and nutritious way. Our promise? You won’t just feed your family, you’ll nourish your family and everybody will fall in love with the kitchen, all over again.

For our Kitchen recipes, we have worked with the Chefs and Owners behind KeepEatReal. The founders' Maria Abi Hanna & Nadine Tayara are two licensed dietitians with a passion for food and nutrition who will take you on a journey of healthy living and clean eating that goes beyond nuts and berries! "Our philosophy is quite simple; we try to practice what we preach and make sure it’s always part of our lifestyle. We don’t believe in extremes and we love creating meals that are healthy, wholesome and always encourage moderation, balance and variety when it comes to food and exercise which allows us to nourish our mind, body and soul." We have taken their original concept and are still creating recipes that follow these philosophies today. We work with suppliers that follow these ideals too, local and sustainable producers for variety fruits and vegetables, poultry and meat to sourcing the best of sustainable or wild fresh fish product from local markets. We ensure that the ingredients you cook with are the best that we can find and stand behind this every day.

Cooking is NOT complicated! Nor should it ever be!

We believe healthy, nutritious food is not complicated to cook!
Our renowned chefs think so as well. There is an alternative to eating clean and it involves more than nuts and berries: it’s called Cook A box. We practice what we preach and our recipes are easy to cook, whether you’re a chef yourself just someone in search of a healthier lifestyle!